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Mindful in Nature - Winter retreat


“As awareness grows, appreciation grows too. As appreciation grows, so does empathy.”
― Jon Young,

When we train our minds through mindfulness to quiet and focus in the heart of nature, we can transform our lives and discover our own true nature. Being totally aware and opening our senses to nature, we let go of the thinking mind and calm our monkey brain.

Winter is the best time to allow ourselves to go inwards and rest.

On Nature Retreats, we draw on ancient and contemporary techniques of mindfulness meditation. We cultivate a simple yet profound quality of awareness.

This quality of presence allows us to listen deeply to ourselves and our environment.  Taking these practices outdoors allows for joy, appreciation, and gratitude, as well as emotional well-being.

If you're interested in starting or reconnecting with mindfulness practice, then this retreat at the beautiful and tranquil Krumbecker Hof can help show you the way.

During these two days retreat we will introduce the practice of mindfulness meditation with guided sitting sessions, mindful walking, periods of silence, plus enough free time to deeply rest and reconnect to yourself, far from the busy-ness of daily life. We'll have opportunities to explore our mindfulness practice outdoors and reconnect with nature, to benefit from the very special location of the biodynamic farm of Krumbecker Hof.


Venue : Krumbecker Hof biodynamic farm - D-23617 Stockelsdorf

Dates: from Friday January 18 (18h30) to Sunday January 20 (16h30)

Price : 200 €  accommodation and food included

Group : group from 10 to 12 participants maximum.

Infos and applications:

téléphone: Isabelle Giraldo: +4917646041241